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      Nader Belal

      Hi there,

      I would like to ask about how can I use GDL to get a bitmap’s size, knowing that the bitmap has been previously loaded by ArchiCAD’s Library Manager ?

      Best regards,
      Nader Belal

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      Péter Baksa

      Sorry, you can’t. It is possible to get the model size of a texture using
      REQUEST{2} ("Material_info", material, "gs_mat_texture", file_name, width, height, mask, rotation_angle)
      but that can be changed by the user in the Surface dialog.

      Péter Baksa
      Library Platform, Software Engineer

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      Nader Belal

      @Péter Baksa

      Thank you, but I don’t think that will solve my issue.

      I will explain why I have asked for it:
      I had to script a special title block, for layouts consistency, data extraction from the model and above all, to prevent users from messing thinks up.

      So one of the requirements was that the logo of the designer can be loaded to the title block object, and I have found out:
      1. Picture2 & Picture2{2} masking values do not have the same power of Picture.
      2. You can’t extract bitmap’s size even when it’s already loaded to the project’s library (for scaling and positioning purposes).

      Don’t worry, I have already solved it by another way, (fixing a standard size in pixels and telling users to user the multiple of that size).

      Anyway, I have put a request for a Picture2{3} here

      Thank you.

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