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      Antoine Jullien

      Hi, in my object i want to write the ID object + the ID module,
      with glob_id i find the id object but never id module+ id object

      have you an idea ?

      id_string = “-”
      id_string2 = “-”
      id_string3 = “-”
      id_string4 = “-”
      id_string5 = “-”
      id_string6 = “-”

      l = REQUEST (“ID_of_main”, “”, id_string)
      m = REQUEST (“Zone_relations”, “”, id_string2)
      n = REQUEST (“Custom_auto_label”, “”, id_string3)
      o = REQUEST (“Internal_ID”, “”, id_string4)
      p = REQUEST (“Name_of_plan”, “”, id_string5)
      q = REQUEST (“Name_of_macro”, “”, id_string6)

      TEXT2 A/2, B/2+1.5, glob_id
      TEXT2 A/2, B/2+1, id_string
      TEXT2 A/2, B/2+.5, id_string2
      TEXT2 A/2, B/2, id_string3
      TEXT2 A/2, B/2-.5, id_string4
      TEXT2 A/2, B/2-1, id_string5
      TEXT2 A/2, B/2-1.5, id_string6

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      Gergely Fehér


      REQUEST ("Full_ID_of_parent", "", id_string)

      For annotation elements linked or hotlinked on the floor plan, returns all identifiers (Master ID) of the linked modules and the parent library parts’ identifier set in the tool’s settings dialog box in the id_string variable (otherwise empty string). Causes warning if used in parameter script.

      Is this what you’re looking for?

      Gergely Fehér
      Team Leader, Library Team

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      Antoine Jullien

      Yes, but when i use Full_ID_of_parent, i have only the ID object not the ID module.
      in link file my object
      thank’s for your answer

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      Antoine Jullien

      Do you know why ?

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