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      Zoltan Adam Szabo

      I’ve been told by GS support to come here with my issue, so here I am.
      Our office template file uses the Basin Built-In 02 object. It was developed by Graphisoft, but it is not part of the default ArchiCAD Library, you need to download it. Everything works perfectly: SEO, graphics etc. – which can not be said of most fancy third party objects. But there is one big problem:
      If I load the object and its components, it messes up model view options by adding “Options for GDL Objects (Archicad Library 17)”
      Having this in the template already is not very elegant, but that isn’t the biggest issue: it destabilizes model view options functionality. For example door and window opening lines in 3D projections show up in random ways and basically you can set contradicting values for these settings because the different versions have somewhat same setting options.
      This built-in basin is the only object in our company standard objects that cause this problem. If it had an ArchiCAD 20 version it would solve the issue. Since I heard the developers hang out in this forum, I’d like to ask if this could be done?

      By the way: why isn’t this object included in the Archicad Library anymore? It is very useful when you make a custom cabinet. We use Cadimage cabinets, but with that you have to add the basin and faucet separately… (It would be very nice if the built in basin contained the faucet as well.)

      Thank you!

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      David Maudlin


      Those MVO Panels are added when a library part of the Library Global Settings subtype is part of the loaded libraries. You can use the Open Object by Subtype… command to see which ones are loaded: in the dialog box look at General GDL Object > Documentation Element > Drawing Symbol > Library Global Settings. You can then remove the one that is creating the panel from your loaded libraries. But the library part will still have code that reads the MVO Settings, so I don’t know if you will need to modify the code of the Basin Built-In 02 so it plays nice with the AC20 MVO Settings.


      David Maudlin / Architect
      Washington, D.C.
      AC 22 - Mac OS

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      Zoltan Adam Szabo

      Wow! That worked. Thanks a lot! It was called LibraryGlobals13.gsm.

      After removing it, I tested MVO with turning on minimal space (not that I use it…), and it seems to work just the same as other AC20 objects.

      Anyway, in case GS object developers see this thread: I still think the built-in basin(s) should make it back to the official set, preferably with a faucet option. 🙂

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