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      Nader Belal

      Hi there,

      I want to draw your attention to an issue that is a little bummer.

      I have created a title block object that contains a number of parameters arrays, that are connected to constant and custom AutoText string values (mainly from Project Info), for consultation, revision, and may for its inclusion in the layout as text.

      What I have observed is that for custom autotext values, that if you sent them directly to the GUI they appear like this (some minor element were hidden due to confidentiality clause).

      The only way I have found that by passes this issues are:
      1. Create custom parameters in the object that are reference to the autotext directly, which is not an optimised way.
      2. Create a dummy parameter/variable that receives the autotext values and sends it to the array parameter, which is also a bummer.

      If you have another solution that I´m not aware of, I would be grateful to know it.

      Best regards,
      Nader Belal

Viewing 0 reply threads
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