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      Joachim Sühlo

      I have a fundamental question about using the GDL addons “Text”, “Data”, “XML”:
      Are there any restrictions on using very large amounts of data,
      e.g. 10,000 lines of XML code in one 1.8 MB file?
      Are there any significant performance problems?

      Or can there be significant performance problems in general if many instances of a
      GDL object are placed and all objects have to open and close their channels?

      Or what would you recommend if you want to get very large amounts of data from
      a manufacturer into an object.

      GDL Object Developer
      MAC OSx 10.14

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      Gergely Fehér


      As I know, there is no exact limit for reading xml lines, but according to my experience, it can be extremely slow with big amounts of data. If you really need to use so big files, then I suggest to create an addon, that can handle the data files, or create a script that converts the data to a macro (if it is possible…).

      Can you tell me more about the development details (you can send it in mail, if it can’t be published here…)

      Gergely Fehér
      Team Leader, Library Team

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