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      Thomas Lodge

      I’ve tried to get the x and y co-ordinates of an object from the project origin using symb_pos_x and symb_pos_y

      However, it is out by tens of meters. Am I missing something or is it the wrong expression.

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      David Shorter

      It works for me please make sure the origin is in its default location
      hope this helps

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      Barry Kelly

      In my experience, SYMB_POS_X & SYMB_POS_Y always measure from the ‘Project’ origin regardless of where the ‘User’ origin is.
      Are you sure you are looking at the ‘Project’ origin?


      Versions 6.5 to 22
      Dell XPS- i7-6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX 960 (2GB), Windows 10
      Dell Precision M6800 - i7 4700MQ @ 2.40GHz, 16GB RAM, AMD FirePro M6100 (2GB), Windows 7 64bit

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      David Shorter

      thats my point Barry (probably badly made) that if you move the origin then place the label it will not say 0,0, but the location the ‘moved’ false origin.

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