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      James Murray

      Not a GDL issue per se, more an Archicad wish. I’d like to be able to open an object with the current parameters of a placed instance rather than with the defaults. When there is an error in a complex object, it can be tedious to replicate the exact conditions of the error.

      James M

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      Dominika Bobály

      Just a tip (you may already know anyway): try to use the option “Dump Library Parts of Selected Elem” of the “Library Developer Menu” to list the stored and active parameter values into the Report window – but these do not apply themselves onto the opened libpart in GDL editor, so maybe not so much of a help, but at least the parameter values of the instance can be checked more easily. By comparing the active parameter set of 2 different instances, sometimes the source of the problem becomes clear pretty fast.

      Dominika Bobály
      Product Manager

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      Joachim Sühlo

      I just had to do the same thing for Parameter transfer from objects set by the client:
      For this I wrote an export routine via GDL TEXT addon. The placed objects then can
      export their parameters, which I replace in the XML-Version of the object.

      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ‘<String Name=”best_names”>’
      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ”, ‘<Description><![CDATA[“Bestückungs-Namen”]] ></Description>’
      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ”, ‘<Flags>’
      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ”, ”, ‘<ParFlg_Child/>’
      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ”, ‘</Flags>’
      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ”, ‘<ArrayValues FirstDimension=”14″ SecondDimension=”1″>’

      FOR i = 1 TO VARDIM1(best_names)
      ergebnis = best_names[i]
      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ”, ”, ‘ <AVal Column=”1″ Row=”‘ + STR(i, 1, 0) + ‘”>’ + ergebnis + ‘</AVal>’
      NEXT i

      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ”, ‘</ArrayValues>’
      OUTPUT ch1, 1, 0, ‘</String>’

      GDL Object Developer
      MAC OSx 10.14

Viewing 2 reply threads
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