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      Pavel Čapek

      I struggle with creating parameter values array with DIM command.I created big main array with information about product in parameters definition . Based on specific conditions I filter parameter values from this array, but I am stuck. Values is change, but current parameter value remain unchanged. More informations are in attached picture and in code bellow.

      Here is my code for getting values from main array.

      dim aTypZdroje[]
      iOpt = 1
      for iOp = 1 to vardim1(aMain)
      	if	nTypOptiky = aMain[iOp][sloupecTypOptiky] & \
      		nTypMontaze = aMain[iOp][sloupecMontaz] then
      		bContValue = 0
      		for i=1 to vardim1(aTypZdroje)
      			xTypZdroje = aTypZdroje[i]
      			yTypZdroje = aMain[iOp][sloupecTypZdroje]
      			if vartype(xTypZdroje) = 1 then xTypZdroje = str(xTypZdroje, 100, 0)
      			if xTypZdroje = yTypZdroje then bContValue = 1
      		next i
      		if bContValue = 0 then
      			aTypZdroje[iOpt] = aMain[iOp][sloupecTypZdroje]
      			iOpt = iOpt + 1
      next iOp
      values "nTypZdroje" aTypZdroje

      Thank you for your reply.

      With regards,

      Pavel Čapek
      BIM Project

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      Csilla Mai

      Hi Pavel,

      The values command in parameterscript only defines a set of values for the actual parameter, it does not change the parameter’s value itself.

      For changing the parameter’s value, use the parameters command:
      parameters nTypZdroje = aTypZdroje

      Csilla Mai
      Library Developer, Library Team

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