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      Hi everyone,
      I need to create a dynamic array for angle parameters to assign to Graphical Editing Hotspot.
      As attachment image, I created an array for number of the rebars I need but when I moved hotspot, all of them is moved because I do not know how to create a dynamic array for “angle_2” parameter. I want to move each of the rebar separately.
      Please show me how to do it and write onto which script window for dynamic array parameters.

      P/S: When I can move each of rebar separately, then I want to know distance between selectd rebar’s hotspot to both of next rebars for confirm. I thought can calculate the distance of [i] to [i-1] and [i+1] elements. Then I will show them as displayParam in Graphical Editing Hotspot.

      	for i=1 to iRebar_num-1
      		rot2 angle
      			hotspot2 0, 0, unID, angle_2, 6 : unID=unID+1
      			hotspot2 mRebarDis,0,unID,angle_2,4+128 : unID=unID+1
      			hotspot2 (mRebarDis*cos(angle_2)),(mRebarDis*sin(angle_2)),unID,angle_2,5 : unID=unID+1
      				add2	(mRebarDis*cos(angle_2)),(mRebarDis*sin(angle_2))
      					poly2_b	2, 1+2+4+64, gs_fill_pen, gs_back_pen,
      							0, 0, 901,
      							rKei/2, 360, 4001
      		del 2
      	next i

      Thank you so much.

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