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      James Goode


      Is it possible to edit text in plan using a 2D hotspot?

      I’ve been able to get the text to display within a 2D Hotspot box but not able to adjust it.

      Although I’m fairly certain it isn’t possible, I thought it was worth asking if there is actually a way of working around it.

      I tried using a bit of code with this functionality to get it to actually display the text in the box:

      hotspot2 0,	0, hsID, half_sz1, 1+128	!BASE
      			hsID = hsID + 1
      			hotspot2 -1,	0, hsID, half_sz1, 3	!REFERENCE
      			hsID = hsID + 1
      			hotspot2 half_sz1,	0, hsID, half_sz1, 2, sz1, "1:1 Symbol Width"

      Many Thanks

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      Péter Baksa


      editing the text is not possible.
      Using TEXTBLOCK, it is possible to define the maximum width for the box. STW function returns the width of a string, you can use that to specify a character spacing or width factor in the TEXTBLOCK.
      Left/right justification or alignment can be set in the PARAGRAPH command.

      Here are our tutorials on text formatting.

      Péter Baksa
      Library Platform, Software Engineer

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