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      Nader Belal

      Hi everyone,

      I need someone to explain me how to use Project2{4}, since after long time of working, reading, learning and testing, I find that the examples for real everyday use is deficient, cryptic and unclear.

      Real case scenario,

      I have a panel composed of a number of layers, and although I have created cutting bodies at certain heights to make sure that Project2{4} can represent them correctly, it simple doesn’t work.

      PS: I´m aware that their is a glitch with Project2{4}

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      Péter Baksa


      You can define the number of horizontal cutplanes and their heights relative to the object 0 in the project2{4} command.
      These cutplanes cut the space into n+1 parts.
      For each part, the projection method (wireframe/shaded/…, fill/line attribute overrides), visible parts’ flags (cut/viewed – polygons/edges), and attributes (cut/projected – fills/lines) are needed.

      Suppose you need a projection with visible, cut and overhead attributes: define one cutplane.
      The bottom part (bottom to cutplane) will have cut and viewed parts, with visible attributes for the projected parameters, and cut attributes for the cut parameters.
      The upper part (cutplane to top) will only need a viewed part, with overhead attributes for the projected parameters. and all 0 (or anything) for the cut parameters.

      I hope this helps.

      Péter Baksa
      Library Platform, Software Engineer

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      Lingwisyer GC

      If your panel is made in the floor plan, to be used vertically you will have to insert a situational rotation in your 3D script as seen on this thread on ArchiTalk as it only cuts parallel to the x-y axis offset in the z axis.


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