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      Nader Belal

      Hi there,

      The GDL commands of COOR, COOR{2}, COOR{3} is lacking the following:

      1. That they must be used after the body/shape have been defined (tl;dr 1st shape then Coor command)
      2. In case of COOR{3} you didn’t mention that the numbers are in fact proportions and not coordinates.
      3. COOR{3} doesn’t permit rotation 90º by skewing the values, but a rotx, roty, & rotz would do the trick nicely.
      4. There is no mentioning about the effect of previous coordinate transformations on COOR, COOR{2}, COOR{3}.
      5. There is nothing that is mentioned about how to reset the texture coordinates after applying COOR, COOR{2}, COOR{3}.

      6. And this is found in ArchiCAD-Talk, some members have commented that there’re instances where “Body 1” must be used after COOR{3} command although that in the manual it is mentioned that it is deprecated.

      PS: It wouldn’t hurt that you add few shades and colours for diagrams.

      Thank you in advance

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