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      Karoly Horvath

      Hi all!
      I am no gdl developer, just a simple bloke who would like to document in ArchiCAd efficiently..
      So, I need to label my walls by the wall type. The default AC labels do not provide the label frame shape I need, plus there is the problem of Composites do not have ID, so I have to come up with some magic to simply label the wall types.
      So far I was able to script the label shape and I also managed to bleak the composite name string so that first part can be used as wall type code, the rest is the description, but:
      The label by default will be placed asa if I had the pointer turned on, so it will be quite oddly away from my wall! See attached image and the simple script too. There must be an easy way to control the Label Position. I found Label_Position global parameter, but no luck using it.
      Could someone please help me out?
      It would also be quite good if the label by default would be perpendicular to the wall at the clicked position and always readable and point away from the wall…
      Please help!

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      Kristian Bursell

      Hi Karoly,

      Sorry i didn’t see this a year ago, I’m actually looking for answers to labels at the moment also. You need this script.

      if label_custom_arrow then
      add2 label_position[2][1]+label_position[3][1],


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