GDL Style Guide

This document contains the GDL coding standard of GRAPHISOFT, which mainly sets the formal requirements for writing source code.
It also describes a few rules and recommendations for the content.
You have to obey these rules in order to produce manageable scripts; by default every declarative or imperative sentence is a rule,
except where ‘recommendation’ (or avoidable, optional, etc.) is explicitly stated.

This document was created to establish a common format of GDL scripting.
The GDL language is insensitive to the character case and most of the whitespace characters.
As a result, lots of coding practices and standards exist.
This gets intolerable, when such practices meet in the same project or organization.
The following sections describe the GRAPHISOFT company standard, which remains purely
a recommendation for non-GRAPHISOFT related developers.
The supposed format will not be included in the GDL language’s constraints ever.