New GDL Features in Archicad 25

This section contains a fly-through of the new GDL features in ARCHICAD 25.

New property type: BUILTINPROPERTY

Built-in properties and built-in component properties can be requested using a fixed string property ID. See the section called “Built-in Property Guide”.

New Property Requests

A series of new property REQUESTs are introduced in ARCHICAD 25. In contrast with Properties_Of_Parent, Component_Properties_Of_Parent requests, these variations can return the newly introduced built-in properties too, and provide better organized property tree.

New Global Variables

New global variables have been added to support the newly introduced Survey Point of the project and to enhance label capabilities by geometry information of parent elements. Please, refer to each global for the exact environmental information.

New localizable container called Library Package

Using the LP_XMLConverter tool, an LCF can be packaged into Library Package format (.libpack), which is capable of storing localization information (mapping tables and dictionaries for translation).

Parameter descriptions and string parameters of the packaged library parts are translated while loading the active library. Localizable strings are translated while compiling the script.

The syntax for localized strings is listed in the section called “Strings”.