Deprecated parameters

Deprecated Beam/Column parameters – available for listing and labels only

From ARCHICAD 23 these values are available in BEAM_SEGMENT_INFO and COLU_SEGMENT_INFO global variables with uniformized value references. See also Deprecated Beam and Column globals section. For compatibility, they are still available on homogeneous, straight or horizontally curved Beams and on homogeneous Columns (GLOB_ELEM_TYPE = 12 or 6)

ac_colu_crosssection_type cross-section type of the column (integer)
1 – rectangular, 2 – round, 3 – complex profiled
GDL_ErrorIcon Column Segment (27) GDL_CheckIcon Single-segment Column (6) GDL_ErrorIcon Multi-segment Column (6)

ac_beam_crosssection_typecross-section type of the beam (integer)

1 – rectangular, 2 – complex profiled
GDL_ErrorIcon Beam Segment (28) GDL_CheckIcon Single-segment Beam (12) GDL_ErrorIcon Multi-segment Beam (12)

Deprecated Zone Stamp parameters

Font size of text in mm.
Compatibility: deprecated since ARCHICAD 22. Use AC_TextSize_1 instead.
ac_disable_controls integer
This parameter controls the visibility of the Font Size input area of the Zone Stamp settings dialog: 0 or the object doesn’t have the parameter – show Font Size, 1 – hide Font Size (therefore allowing extra space for the parameter list)
Compatibility: inactive since ARCHICAD 22. The “Font Size” input control has moved to the “Text Style” panel, its visibility is controlled by LOCK/HIDEPARAMETER commands.

Deprecated IFC add-on parameters

ifc_predefinedtype integer
IFC translators which use element type for export type mapping read the IFCTypeObjectType from this parameter for some MEP elements. The affected elements are defined in the MEP add-on. Classification-based export type mapping is not affected by this parameter.