Door-window Parameters

Floor plan display

ac_hole_cut_linetype linetype
pen of cut lines [floor plan and section]
ac_hole_overhead_pen pen
pen of the above view edges (overhead) [floor plan only]
ac_hole_overhead_linetype linetype
line type of the above view edges (overhead) [floor plan only]
ac_hole_uncut_pen pen
pen of the below view edges (uncut) [floor plan only]
ac_hole_uncut_linetype linetype
line type of the below view edges (uncut) [floor plan only]
ac_hole_display_option integer
floor plan display option: 1 – Projected, 2 – Projected with Overhead, 3 – Symbolic, 5 – Overhead All


ac_hole_direction_type integer
opening plane direction: 1 – Associated to Wall, 2 – Vertical
ac_wido_rotation angle
door/window rotation angle relative to the horizontal cut plane
ac_openingside string
door/window orientation parameter for listing (L – left, R – right, Custom) according to orientation definition settings (Automatic, Custom).
ARCHICAD will disregard any settings of Compatibility Options/Orientation Displaying if this parameter is present.

Polygonal wall data

ac_walltype integer
tells whether the window is in a polygonal wall or not.
1 – non polygonal, 2 – polygonal.
ac_wallContourPolygon[][3] length
The polygon of the wall in 2D points plus an extra angle value for arc sections.
[set only if ac_walltype equals 2]
ac_windowInWallContour[4] integer
Indices of the four vertices of the ac_wallContourPolygon polygon that part of the wall contour polygon as window corner points.
[set only if ac_walltype equals 2]

Hole position

ac_hole_position_angle angle
In case of curved walls it gives the angle between the axis of the opening and the normal vector at the wall’s starting point.

Anchor data

ac_vertAnchorPos integer
vertical anchor of D/W: 1 – Sill, 2 – Header
ac_revealAnchorPos integer
reveal anchor of D/W: 1 – Face, 2 – Core
ac_revealToWallCore length
reveal depth measured from the reveal side of the wall core.