Door and Window Parameters for Markers

ac_wido_id string
ID of the opening
ac_wido_a_size length
opening width
ac_wido_b_size length
opening height
ac_wido_z_size length
opening depth/thickness
ac_glob_elevation length
elevation of the base line of the opening
ac_wido_subfl_thickness length
height of the subfloor wall part
ac_wido_reveal_side boolean
legacy opening reveal side value, use ac_wido_reveal_side_2 instead
ac_wido_reveal_side_2 boolean
reveal side,
the value of the WIDO_REVEAL_SIDE global variable set for the opening
ac_wido_mirrored boolean
mirrored state of the opening
ac_wall_thickness length
thickness of the wall at the origin of the opening
ac_wido_oversize_l length
left opening oversize
ac_wido_oversize_r length
right opening oversize
ac_wido_oversize_t length
top opening oversize
ac_wido_oversize_b length
bottom opening oversize
ac_wido_orientation string
marker position: “L” – Left, “R” – right, or any custom value set in the Details window of the library part editor according to the current mirrored state
ac_wido_type integer
1 – Door, 2 – Window
ac_symb_rotangle angle
opening rotation in the wall
ac_sill_to_curr_story length
sill height of the opening measured from the start of the story linked to the window sill
ac_sill_to_anchor_level length
sill height of the opening measured from the level of the anchor point; the anchor point may be the bottom of the wall or the selected story, accordingly